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Holy Heart

I know that I have a heart
But, it's difficult to explain
To speak about kindness and gratefulness
And, those things that no one likes to speak about
They speak of some place
But, where is it?
Where there is virtue and intelligence
And people are sensible
And that the light in heart
is the thing which can save me
But, I don't believe this
I try to, but just once in a while
Where is this place?
Where is this light?
If what I see is so sad
What have we done so wrong?
And, I was told that
This place may be always beside you
And the happiness within you
Because your life is a light
And, when I saw your eyes
And all the happiness in your body
And the smile on your lips
I almost believed it
But it's so difficult
So I beg you, please
Think about me, pray for me
And tell me:
- This distant place is within you
And tell me that our life is a light
Tell me about the holy heart
Because I need some help
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Sagrado Coração

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