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Saint Anne

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I don't even know where to start in fact
at the same time this is the first time I'm doing this
so please excuse me
if it goes off in all directions
or if I'm quite disjointed
I must say that by now
I had quite a time putting my thoughts in order anyways
I have a hard time finding the words
finally there you are I'll lay it on the table flat out
I was born into a pretty well off family
I've always been privileged
I was never short on love, or anything else for that matter
although my mother who comes still and all from a rather low class environment
was sometimes a bit harsh with my brothers and me.
At school I was a good student, at home I was polite
I don't remember doing a lot of wild shit being young
quite the contrary, I did the right studies
and today I know my course is more or less carved out
let's say that I know where it'll take me if I stay on my path
I'll probably have a wife and beautiful children
a loan to pay, an english spaniel and a hardtop convertible
And yet you see
it's been almost 6 months now that I can't get any sleep
that I can't grab a single bite for two days
without even noticing
and when I look myself in the mirror I see there a strange guy
pale, translucent, so blanched
to make a genocide chuckle
Doctor, I'm not kidding
you must do something about me
it doesn't matter what
take a hammer and bang my fingers, I don't know
because there I really can't go on anymore
I can no more go out in the street
I can no more set foot in the offices
in any case I became unable to take the subway
it stinks of death, it stinks of piss
it makes me claustrophobic and touchy
besides I really look like a prick in my suit which is enormous
and badly cut so even if I wanted to pretend otherwise
there would always be a "foot soldier"1 roughly stamped on my forehead
besides all these people who are absolutely going after squishing each other
who jostle, who sweat, who hiss through their teeth like snakes
Come on you pussy, get on, get on, you're right
anyways, you'll be fine to be the first to arrive
at the key we're all be getting the same harsh day
Eyes glued to the computer screen
you'll harm your pupils reading at an angle
about things that get in your way zilch
"Nah but you know, it's super important this file
the client, he puts up 300 the per hour
come you'll do fine, you're gonna google it if needed
but finish this for me tout de suite"
Yes, you're perfectly right
it's my fault I'm not that energetic
Ah it's funny yes, slap me silly
and if you're going to better put some doorknobs on your arse to see?
I'm tired of typing to lunch
some mixed salads at 12 euros
or barbecue in carton
of eating on a table corner
then to spend crappy afternoons splitting hairs
and finishing by embarking on afterworks between colleagues
But what a letdown to think that we love so much
getting fed up during the day that we ask for more in the evening
But fine, I must also say that we meet babes there
or even better "unattacheds"
that goes to say chicks that like us have emotional problems
we present ourselves, we shower them with fibs
we tell them we're partners then we're at the university
and to be true that we spend our time
wearing out our arses on pretty narrow benches
listening to bald guys blathering away
all day long
blathering away about everything and especially about anything
Fortunately, our days always end the same way:
we go and we make ourselves ​​beautiful for the evening
we put our polo shirts collar turned up
then we meat up again at QG
to soak up some middies2 at 5 euros
What's more, when we're a bit off our tits
we often want to play the rebels
and shout at the barkeep:
"Hey there, who do you think you are, scumbag?
Don't you think your beer's a bit stiff?
We would do it if we had a little grit in our veins
but prefer to keep it shut
and we keep on wasting our dough
to waste our breath about nothing in particular
and smoke like chimneys
History of getting totally wasted before getting old
to build up the bags we already have under our eyes
Other than that we mostly talk about the girls we saw on the net
and then about those we'd like to pick up the evening
'cause tonight, like every other night, we'll try to fuck
but certainly not to make love
because love is for fags
nothing that shocking after all:
some guys talking about the girls they shag
some girls shag around to say that they're shagging
Fuck, we often get regrets
sometimes diseases
all in all we're doing it with no pleasure
no real desire
that's mainly to get our minds off it
This hides the open wounds but it's a secret
in fact we're lost, disaffected, disillusioned
alone like wounded animals
we're sad and our hearts bleeding
but we're hiding behind our big mouths and our harsh words
between us we call each other "dawg", "slut", "bastard", "wuss", "bitch", "dyke", "jerk"
because without meaning it, the others are a constant battle
Absolutely doctor, we're living peachy times
and in a peachy city as well
Paris the necropolis
Paris which smells of carrion
Paris which bit by bit is leading to its downfall
the fragments of our lives
Paris is awfully sound, and we're good people
so awfully good that we're too good for our neighbours
to whom we don't pay more attention
than we do to the piss behind the toilet
Sometimes I just want to scream:
"Don't get near me! Don't touch me!"
Doctor, I need something
doesn't matter what
otherwise I'm gonna break down
I might hit some elder, some passerby, some little punk
and it will be ugly
it will be really ugly
  • 1. Also meaning arse
  • 2. Half pints
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