Vicente Soto Sordera - Sale La Luna Bulerías (English translation)

English translation

Bulerias moon comes out

The moon comes out
I like it
when I have you
Close to me
in spring
I like the fragrence
Lola the one with brillant
says that she has the lover
what makes her hurt
and when the Lola sings
his throat breaks
like the one who is going to cry
They sing it right
they are saying there
to the prison in the Port
have seen the Lola go
the wall of Cadiz
they knocked them down one day
because in the world there is no
equal to this my grief
If you really want
stay alone
I can not find a gypsy
like the Lola
loving with fatigue
neither now nor before
what a pretty face
that has my Dolores
which is a brilliant
The moon comes ...
They sing it right ...
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Sale La Luna Bulerías

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