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  • Oum Kalthoum

    سلوا قلبي → English translation

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سلوا قلبي

سلوا قلبي غداة سلا وثابا - لعل على الجمال له عتابا
ويسأل في الحوادث ذو صواب - فهل ترك الجمال له صوابا
وكنت إذا سألت القلب يوما - تولى الدمع عن قلبي الجوابا
ولي بين الضلوع دم ولحم - هما الواهي الذي ثكل الشبابا
تسرب في الدموع فقلت ولى - وصفق في الضلوع فقلت ثابا
ولو خلقت قلوب من حديد - لما حملت كما حمل العذابا
ولا ينبيك عن خلق الليالي - كمن فقد الأحبة والصحابا
فمن يغتر بالدنيا فإني - لبست بها فأبليت الثيابا
جنيت بروضها وردا وشوكا - وذقت بكأسها شهدا وصابا
فلم أر غير حكم الله حكما - ولم أر دون باب الله بابا
وإن البر خير في حياة - وأبقى بعد صاحبه ثوابا
نبي البر بينه سبيلا - وسن خلاله وهدى الشعابا
وكان بيانه للهدي سبلا - وكانت خيله للحق غابا
وعلمنا بناء المجد حتى - أخذنا إمرة الأرض آغتصابا
وما نيل المطالب بالتمني - ولكن تؤخذ الدنيا غلابا
ومااستعصى على قوم منال - إذا الأقدام كانت لهم ركابا
ابا الزهراء قد جاوزت قدري - بمدحك بيد أن لي انتسابا
فما عرف البلاغة ذو بيان - إذا لم يتخذك له كتابا
مدحت المالكين فزدت قدرا - وحين مدحتك اقتدت السحابا
سألت الله في ابناء ديني - فإن تكن الوسيلة لي أجابا
وما للمسلمين سواك حصن - إذا ما الضر مسهم ونابا

Ask my heart

Ask my heart the day it awakens
perhaps the beauty has blamed it
Only wise people are supposed to be asked
Did the beauty leave any wisdom to it ?
And the day I wanted to ask my heart a question
Tears replied on my heart behalf
And I have blood and flesh between my ribs
they were the reason that exhausted my youth
It [my heart] slipped through my tears, I said he left
It shook between my ribs, I said it's over
And if the hearts were created from steel
They would never endure as I could endure
And no one could inform you about the nights
like who has lost loved ones and friends
If life makes someone proud and arrogant They better know that
It has dressed me until my clothes went old
I collected from its gardens flowers and thorns
And I tasted its honey and resin drink
But I have not seen better justice than that of
Allah, and I have not seen other doors but that leads to Him
Doing goodness is the best thing in this life
It remains after death, and gives the best reward
The prophet of goodness, showed us the right path
He has prepared a charter and guided humans
His speech, for the reason, was way ahead
And these horses, for justice, were drunk crazy
He taught us how to create the glory
So we took the land by force, and power
Achievements never come by wishes
But to get the victory, the world must bend
Nothing can stop a nation
It goes through ups and downs bravely
Ezzahra (Fatima) father [prophet Mohammed] , I exceeded my value
by praising you, but am honored that I belong to you
No speaker speaks eloquently
If he doesn't take you as a role model and composition
I praised kings and I was elevated to a sage
But when I flattered you, I rode the clouds
I implore Allah for the children of my religion
May He accept my wish with compassion
No fort ,except you,for Muslims
If the harm comes and destroys them