Los Rodríguez - Salud (dinero & Amor) (English translation)

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Health (money and love)

I toast for the women who waste sympathy,
I toast for who return with the lights of another day
I toast because I remember your body, but I forgot your face,
I toast for what I had because I have nothing now...
I toast for the moment in which you and I met
And for the hearts that got broken along the way.
I toast for the memory and also for the oblivion
I toast because tonight a friend pays the wine...
Because life is hard, for the end of the bitterness
I toast because I forget the reasons why I toast for.
I toast with anything that falls in the glass today,
I toast for the victory, for the tie and for the failure...
I toast for keep loving you all my life,
The glass is almost full with the blood of another wound.
I toast with excitement but I toast also with coldness,
May health never lacks to all humanity...
From a corner of the world... I toast with you...
No matter what I toast over a candle light,
I toast all night long and may the morning come.
It's not a sad moment, because I toast with friends,
I toast for the future with the night as witness...
If some time I don't toast even for nonsense,
I'll toast with silence for the lost fortune.
I'll toast very seriously for once in the lifetime,
I toast till cirrhosis for the AIDS vaccine...
From a corner of the world... I toast with you...Cheers!
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Salud (dinero & Amor)

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