On the same page

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Idiomatic translations of "On the same page"

En el mismo canal
Ponerse de acuerdo

Meanings of "On the same page"


على نفس الموجة, متفقان , على الوفاق

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To agree on something

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"Στην ίδια σελίδα" Όταν υπάρχει συμφωνία σε κάποιο θέμα

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Сойтись во мнениях (по отношению к обсуждаемому плану, проекту и тп)

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Estar de acuerdo con alguien

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"On the same page" in lyrics

Unknown Brain - MATAFAKA

Everybody wanna do the same thing, (Yup)
That's why we ain't on the same page, (No)
Do my own thing, and I maintain, (Whoo!)

50 Cent - No Romeo No Juliet

This is a new wave, I'm a new Wraith, my nigga sit on suede
Like I'm Special Ed, but I ain't Special Ed, bitch, I got it made
We here to make the paper, hope you niggas on the same page
You know boy in the hood'll have you runnin' like Ricky from the 12 gauge

Jah Khalib - You're near

I'm in the ocean of your eyes, cover me with a wave.
You're like a flaming passion, and I'm made of ice.
Yes, we create a contrast, but we're on the same page.

Therapie Taxi - Chula

Don't worry about me, I know this little game
I don't look like it but I know what I want
We're on the same page, I'm not going grow attached
Only scream more after your spanking

Lucie - I Want to Sleep in You Again

I'm on the same page, I love you.
I'm on the same page, I love you.

Sabrina Carpenter - Pushing 20

I'm pushing 20, got no time for others (I'm pushing, pushing, babe)
I'm pushing 20, got no time for others (You know it, know it, babe)
Who ain't on the same wave, yeah, on the same page
Tryna tell me what to be, yeah, tell me what to think

Chris Brown - Come together

We should (Come), come together, baby (Oh, please come)
Oh, so don't, don't make wait, wait
We on the same page, you know ain't nothin' in the way, babe
The way that I want you, you

Yelle - The Grand Finale

The choreography falls into slow motion
We’re on the same page
I don’t really know

Vanessa da Mata - Good Luck

Keep yourself together, trying to get over
This person, who speaks to you
We're not on the same page
Try to see it my way

Antonello Venditti - Happy Sunday

the Sunday opens the door.
Bye, bye happy Sunday, spent writing alone,
20 minutes on the same page,
and you can't suffer yourself.

Scriptonite - Where's Your Love?

Just like old times, and yesterday's hugs.
Every time I say, "We're even!"
Are we on the same page? I give in to her.

Ezzari - Die for you

And I think I am going crazy
You are not normal
Why cant we be on the same page?
You only need me when you are emotional

Cheb Fouaz - Go away and forget about me

if only you listened to me

we weren't on the same page, and for what?
me and love, and for what?

nothing,nowhere. - Hopes Up

When I think of love I see your face
But when I think of you I think of pain
My heart and mind are not on the same page
It's obvious I get carried away

Trevor Daniel - Empty

I'd rather be alone than be with you
You don't love me, you just hate sleeping alone
And baby, we both know, we're not on the same page
So we need to go our separate ways

Timmy Xu - Leave Me Alone

Enmeshed deeper, complicated more
Still care about each other
Never on the same page
Are you tired?

James The Mormon - Workin'

Hammered out my goals like I’m working with my tools

On the same page like da headline news
Even Jimmy Fallon couldn’t shake me out my roots

Five Finger Death Punch - Lift Me Up

You can't convince me to change
We ain't on the same page
I've had my fill now there's nothing but rage

Gianluca Grignani - Walk in the sun

And I'm talking to you as a friend
Because I know you know what I'm talking about
We're on the same page (we think alike)
And even if I don't know you

Keke Palmer - Love You Hate You

Then I’m calling you again
Some days we on the same page