Same shit, different day

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Same shit, different day (English) — تعبيرمتهكم على أن الحال باق على ما هو عليه حتى مع تغير الأيام. هذا التعبير متهكم يعني له طابع سلبي و مظلم نوعًا ما

Arabic, explained by Toot_v on Fri, 10/11/2017 - 15:54

Same shit, different day — Abbreviated (SSDD), An expression to emphasize that the current status of affairs, the ongoing or current situation has not changed. It normally has a cynical, negative yet comical connotation (feeling) about it. vulgar slang

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Same shit, different day — Κάθε μέρα τα ίδια σκάτά

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Same shit, different day — Inglese - Letteralmente "Stessa merda, giorno diverso". L'espressione enfatizza che la situazione non è cambiata nel tempo; normalmente ha una connotazione negativa e comica.

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Same shit, different day — Her gün aynı olayların yaşanması, sıradan ve öyle böyle bir hayat geçirilmesi; Türkçe'ye çevirirsek "farklı gün, aynı bok". Argo olarak kullanılır.

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"Same shit, different day" in lyrics


[Verse 3]
Same shit, different day, same struggle
Slow motion as time slips through my knuckles
Nothing beautiful about it

Macklemore - Ten Thousand Hours

When they get caught, they all go free
A brand new yacht, and a finders fee
Standing on the edge of a revolution
Same shit, different day
Can't kept fed if I can't get paid
We'll all be dead if the shit don't change

Nickelback - Edge Of A Revolution

Ladies and gentleman
You are now about to witness the strength
Of Aftermath straight out the mothafuckin streets of Compton
Put your hands together for Game b!tch

The Game - We Ain't

Rain rain go away
I can feel a cloud hangin' over me, over me
Same shit different day
Do they get a kick outta pushin' me, pushin' me

Katy Tiz - Whistle (While You Work It)

Plus the ride that she's on is too emotional
I'm too stuck in my ways for us to play how we play
At first you beggin' to leave, then you beggin' to stay
Same shit, different day, I'm like please sil vous plaît
You can leave if you may, but then I hear you say

LeToya Luckett - Love Rollercoaster

But I ain’t coming to talk about all that paper
That’s what they talk about when they ain’t got shit to say
Can’t understand why n*ggas never got shit to do
You know the saying n*gga, same shit different day
I never felt that, no way
Cause on the same day a n*gga doing different shit

J. Cole - Black Friday

and I'ma do my best for you
and we'll abide by different rules
We know what they gon' say,
Same shit different day, those haters gonna hate

Vince Kidd - Our World