Sharon Cuneta - Sanay wala ng wakas (English translation)

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May There Be No End

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May there be no end if love is real
When I am with you, nothing could compare to how happy I am
If fate would make it difficult to forget and would put an end to this happiness
We'll challenge fate, because my love for you will never end
It won't matter how many thorns I'd have to walk on
If that's the only way for me to follow your path
Even if you'd hurt me, I'd never leave you
It wont matter how many songs I'd have to sing
I'd sing until my voice become yours
I'd cross countless seas
Even more than that, I would do
May there be no end when the hurt ends
The most important thing right now is that there is hope
Brought by love, the whole world will be our witness
Not only my love
Not only my life that I would be willing to give
For your love, I will give more than that, my love
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Sanay wala ng wakas

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