Nike Ardilla - Sandiwara Cinta (English translation)

English translation

Theatrical Love

Why you lit the fire of love in my heart
Burning the suffered soul
Your sweet words makes me have faith in you
Until it makes me sway...
I miss you... every day
Your shadow... seduce my soul
Why now i feel a difference in my heart
You stay silent and don't care...
Most of the time you angry without any reason
Makes me suspicious, please open up tell me the truth
What do you want... just tell me
If you bored you angry just tell me
Eventhough it's hard for me to forget you
Don't you ever play with my feeling
Bored.. maybe that is your trait...
Hate... when i remember you
Bored.. i dont care, whatever you want...
My road is still long...
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Sandiwara Cinta

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