Saudosa Maloca (English translation)

  • Artist: Adoniran Barbosa
  • Also performed by: Demônios da Garoa, Negra Li, Maria Rita
  • Song: Saudosa Maloca 4 translations
  • Translations: English, French, German, Transliteration
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Nostalgic Shed

Since you don't remember, mister
Excuse me so i can tell you
Here where now lies
This tall building
There was an old house
A two-storeys little palace
It was here, mister
Where myself, Mato Grosso and Joca
Built our shed
But, onde day
It pains just to remember
Some men came with tools
The owner told them to take it down
We grabbed all our things
And went to the middle of the street
To appreciate the demolition
Such a sadness we felt
Every plank that fell
Hurt in the heart
Mato Grosso wanted to yell
But i promptly said:
The men are in their right
We will find another place
We only accepted that when Joca said:
"God gives the cold according to the blanket"
Today we pick straws from the garden's grass
And to forget it we sing like this:
Nostalgic shed, dear shed
Where we spent happy days in our lives
Nostalgic shed, dear shed
Where we spent happy days in our lives
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Saudosa Maloca

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