Wise Guys - Schiller (English translation)

English translation


It's witching hour.
The moonlight lies very pallid on this night.
With a dry mouth
And full with panic I woke up.
With a cloth I quickly wipe
The cold-sweat off my forehead.
There lies a book.
Maybe reading gives me some courage
Because reading does well.
But it is Schiller.
Schiller writes in such an awfully complicated way.
And sometimes absolutely arrogantly
Yes, it is Schiller.
Schiller bores me to death.
I read each line three times.
A terribly weighty tome.
Normally I read, at the utmost,
- A cookbook by Tim Mälzer*.
But Schiller's verses are simply brutal.
As well as I can, I fight my way through the
Endlessly long sentence.
But when I come to the end,
Unfortunately I don't remember any more
How it began.
Each apple-polisher who apparently
Was two or three times involved in Weimar*,
Today counts as a pure classic
As cultural identity
Oh, just why?
(The tyrant Dionys to seek,
Stern Moerus with his poniard crept;
The watchful guard upon him swept;
The grim king marked his changeless cheek:
"What wouldst thou with thy poinard? Speak!"
"The city from the tyrant free!"
"The death-cross shall thy guerdon be."
"I am prepared for death, nor pray,"
Replied that haughty man, "to live;
Enough, if thou one grace wilt give
For three brief suns the death delay
To wed my sister - leagues away;
I boast one friend whose life for mine,
If I should fail the cross, is thine.")*
Schiller shows,
My grey matter doesn't belong to the
Fast ones.
Yes, it is Schiller.
Schiller bores me to death.
I read each line three times.
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Author's comments:

Tim Mälzer is a very popular young cook in Germany.

Weimar is a town in Germany, but here it also refers to the Classical Age (1758–1832)

:I used this site for the translation of the original Schiller text.

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