Schlaf ein (English translation)

  • Artist: Lindemann
  • Song: Schlaf ein 2 translations
  • Translations: English, Hungarian
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Go to Sleep

When your children are tired
Talk to Godfather Sleep
He climbs from the shadowy treetops
Holds you in his kingdom of dreams
If you feel weak and drowsy,
he'll hold you gently and embrace you
Now it is time to do nothing more
but rest your mind and body
In the deep forest, one sees nothing anymore
Will it make your heart so heavy
Oh, your little hearts are heavy
And the tears flow quickly
There's no more blood to see
You must go to sleep now
Dear child, you shouldn't cry
It'll just make the earth wet
Tomorrow the sun will shine
Lick the tears from your pale cheek
When the day comes to an end
The last light stands before the darkness
You shouldn't be sad
Tomorrow the sun will shine
Go to sleep
And the cold night is over
Freely give in to the sleep once more
Gently open your heavy lids
And if God is willing, we'll see each other again
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Schlaf ein

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