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Scottish Dance In Valhalla

(## REF BEGINS ##)
Rise and shine Thor, (1)
beat the drum, brother
They are dancing here
at Valhalla tonight
In Freya's banquet hall, (2)
the Aesir hold their ball (3)
Rise and Shine
By Odin's firm decree (X)
Knock down some more mead
It will be my death
Yes, there you are
Idun, my treasure (4)
My valkyrie, come hither
To our midwinter rite
Come and dance
in Valhalla tonight
(## REF ENDS ##)
Hodur had
tremendous hiccups (5)
So Baldur cured him
with ginger ale
Angry was goodly winged Thor
He woke up and roared
Bragi he brawled
And Skadi she screamed
(## REF ##)
Heimdallr blew his horn
and growled
Loki lay there
lulled and playful
The gods caroused
roaring and rolling
All-father Odin
chattered and sang
The heaven for height, and the earth for depth, and the heart of kings is unsearchable. (Prov 25:3 KJV)
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Author's comments:

(X) need help. cant figure the verb.
(1) Thor, hammer wielding main god of the norse edda.
(2) Freya, the consort of Thor
(3) the Aesir, a norse clan of gods
(4) Idun, norse goddess of youth and immortality
(5) Hödr or Hodur, norse god tricked by loki into shooting an arrow at baldr
(6a) Bragi or Bragr, norse scaldic god of poetry
(6) Skadi, norse goddess of the hunt
(7a) Heimdallr, a norse god who blows the horn "Gjallarhorn"
(7) Loki, the trickster god

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Schottis På Valhall

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