Clueso - Schreibe dir (English translation)

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Write you

I write on speed words feathery
And let thoughts fantasize
I open the curtain
People laugh loudly and I start to balance
I sharpen the shadows, bring light into this day
Dance on the roofs of this time
I am the same but still alien for everyone who knows me
Barely anything knows anything
I simply sit here
Without a single
Clue what's happening
And I write you
I don't make things up, only think about how to phrase it
Frame the picture in which I dive
Give myself vent and open the arm and take the sunrise with me
Moony I describe myself
How you see through every word
Guard the day with a proud look
Lay the hands on the paper, a secret with you
In the hope that you realize it
Submitted by Steena on Mon, 09/11/2009 - 13:32

Schreibe dir

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