Pecos - Señor (English translation)

English translation


Sir, forgive my bravery, forgive this stress
Forget those nerves, you don't know who am I,
Listen to me sir, it will be just a moment.
Sir, your daughter is everything for me, the strength for fighting,
Calmness or anxiety, my reason of being,
Please sir, don't bring her away from me.
Though she's your daughter, it's her life, and she loves me...
Remember yesterday,
When you were younger you were also looking for
Hidden corners to talk about love,
You were hiding from a sir too.
And you must understand,
History repeats, and your yesterday girl
also had a father who knew to understand,
That's why sir... understand me.
Sir, it's time to clarify, I can't go on
Playing this game that is always the same,
Please sir, I don't mean to teach you...
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