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Mr Vicepresident

Mr Vicepresident, (how brave...) sorry that I don't address you as tú,
I address my brothers, my friends and my people as tú
and Usted have mocked artfully of my trust,
so why to treat you with the "t" in the initial,
if You don't deserve treat nor family salute.
Mr Vicepresident, (double agent...) don't vice preside me,
even if an ordinary employment is not so easy to find for you,
maybe as substitute goalkeeper or making counterfeit CDs
or better as carpenter with your cutting saw.
Mr Vicepresident how stupid is to treat the others as stupids,
(Seriously and face to face I say it)
make up your mind with certainty if you're passive or active.
(Soon, don't be so hesitating)
Mr Vicepresident, I suggest you another adjective
call yourself straight Mr Vice Negative.
Mr Vicepresident, (I'm angry...) sorry that I don't screw you,
but a good curse makes you more decent
and you sir, decency has failed you lately,
so why to curse you with the "c" in the initial,
if You aren't worthy for me to make an effort by damning you.
Mr Vicepresident, don't vice betray me,
Don't crawl as a snake conspiring in the corners
Better get a job and clean your broken pride,
though who will help you as helper or copilot.
Mr Vicepresident, by now I say goodbye
(With respect, the one you didn't have with me)
or saying correctly, I stay, you are gone...
(like a bat out of hell of the ship)
Because the vote of the people doesn't go to the oblivion.
Mr Vicepresident, you are who says goodbye.
Mr Vicepresident...
How does it feel...
Mr Vicepresident...
Repelent, depressing, enough.
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Author's comments:

The song is about the former argentinian vicepresident Julio Cobos who in 2008 during the voting at the senate of the laws of withholdings to the agriculture exportations (proposed by the government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner), he gave the tie breaker vote which was against passing the law. This deserved him the despise of the Cristina supporters....... including the very Ignacio.


Señor Vicepresidente

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