Enrique y Ana - Se enamora (English translation)

English translation

She falls in love

Since the first day of classes you don't know
she's always thinking of you and sometimes
she wants to play the distracted faking
that she doesn't wait for you when you come out.
A thousand times she draw you but she can
never find your smile and looks for
the way to stumble with you
at any time of the day
She falls in love with your shirts full of colors
with seeing that you always come late to class
telling some funny excuse
She falls in love with how you fill all your notebooks
of phrases of drawings and dreams
and you sing his favourite songs.
It looks so much to love what she feels
today everything comes upside down becaus she can't
forget that you're there near her table
she thinks she's going to scream.
The alarm clock sounded this morning
when you said yes, what a bad luck
she didn't want to breakfast she went out running
to meet you again.
She falls in love when she sees your messy hair
telling your friends that you won
games you don't know yet
She falls in love of all these things you write
and then you don't dare to tell her
and you break in pieces hidden
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Se enamora