Rocío Jurado - Se nos olvida (English translation)

English translation

We forget

We forget
that life is not cement, struggle and hurry,
that God made life prettier,
kinder, simpler.
We forget
that we grow without wanting and we give fruit
without the help of the brain or the fists,
like the tree, like the smoke.
We forget
that is greater to see a smiling boy
that having all the applause of the people
that lies and overwhelms you.
I want to return
to resurrect in the morning of life,
to hear the weed growing every day
and smell the wildest flowers again.
I want to return
to walk by the sidewalk that leads to the river,
to mix with the land and the wheat,
to what is all the truth, I want to return.
We forget
that the earth gives us all we need,
aire, fire, water, fruit, bread and wine,
skin and straw for the cold.
We forget
that is more beautiful to hear the birds song
than the weary music of the streets
that hurts un in the flesh.
We forget
that life isn't that long, isn't eternal,
why to struggle so much, so many chains
that huts us, that weigh us.
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Se nos olvida

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