Second string

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Second string (English) — In sports the primary set of players used is the first string. The string being a line up of personnel.
The second string are players held in reserve to replace players in the first string that are no longer able to play.
This can result from rest cycles, injury, or conduct.

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"Second string" in lyrics

It told of the bride's evil deeds.
Fa la la la la la la la la la

When the second string was struck,
Harp tones tender and fine.
The bride froze in her place.

Folque - The Harp

[Verse 3]
My head's ringing, like it was Spider Sense tingling
Lit ya like Green Bay did when they shitted on New England
I'm out the game, put the second string in
This Brandy got me swinging, bobbing back and forth like a penguin
Delinquent, toking microphones with broken English

Eminem - Low Down Dirty

I don't want no-one but you, ooh ooh
And I don't need a second string
I don't want a share of you, ooh, ooh
I wanna be your everything

Kylie Minogue - Always Find The Time

Tones of the harp soft and nice
and it told a story about the evil deed

Then the second string rang
Tones of the harp soft and nice
The bride stood petrified

L.E.A.F - Tones of the Harp

I ride with my niggas, I'd die for my...

[Verse 4]
To all my second string bitches, try and get a baby
Trying to get a baby, now you talkin' crazy
I don't give a damn if you used to talk to Jay Z

Kanye West - Blood On the Leaves

Then terror seized the black-haired bride
Fa la la la la la la la la la

The second string played a doleful sound
<em>Lay the bairn tae the bonnie broom</em>
"The younger sister, oh she is drowned"

The Old Blind Dogs - The Cruel Sister

Second string softball
The reenforcements it might be said
Standing by with an urge and a call
Till our faces all turn red

When the star player has fallen

Ww Ww - Riding The Pines