See eye to eye

Submitted by Stavroula on 12.08.2016

See eye to eye (English) — عندما يتفق شخصان في الرأي

Arabic, explained by Llegó Dolor Del Corazón on Sat, 13/08/2016 - 09:08

See eye to eye — When two (or more people) agree on something

English, explained by Stavroula on Fri, 12/08/2016 - 15:58

See eye to eye — Quand quelques personnes sont d'accord.

French, explained by Stavroula on Fri, 12/08/2016 - 15:59

See eye to eye — Όταν κάποιοι άνθρωποι έχουν την ίδια γνώμη για κάτι.

Greek, explained by Stavroula on Fri, 12/08/2016 - 16:04

See eye to eye — Letteralmente "vedere occhio ad occhio", essere d'accordo.

Italian, explained by MichaelNa on Tue, 01/11/2016 - 04:01

See eye to eye — Quando dos o más personas están de acuerdo.

Spanish, explained by Stavroula on Fri, 12/08/2016 - 15:59

See eye to eye — Birisiyle aynı fikirde olmak anlamına gelir.

Turkish, explained by Lacrymossa on Mon, 09/01/2017 - 12:42

"See eye to eye" in lyrics

Just get yourself together
Or we might as well say goodbye
What good is a love affair
When you can't see eye to eye, ooooh

(If you don't know me by now)

Simply Red - If You Don't Know Me By Now

You, me...
We're face to face,
But we don't see eye to eye...

Like fire and rain

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (OST) - Wouldn't Change A Thing

Baby just keep it our little secret
What they don't know won't do them no harm
We can do mouth to mouth with no speaking
We can see eye to eye in the dark

Oh-oh-oh, don't you need somebody

RedOne - Don't you need somebody

I'll come running, because
You and I won't part till we die
You should know
We see eye to eye, heart to heart.

I can find your halo

James Blunt - Heart To Heart

There are plenty of changes about you
Let's see how far
Don't you worry, everything has a remedy
We won't see eye to eye, until we die

Oh how difficult it is to be dumped

Mustafa Sandal - Degrade

Thought it was true love, but you know women lie
It's like I sent my love with a text two times
Call cause I care but I ain't get no reply
Tryna see eye to eye but it's like we both blind
Fuck it let's hit the club, I rarely sip but pour me some
Cause when it's all said and done,

Chris Brown - Deuces

And thinking you would listen to all of the things
The things I had planned

But we couldn't see eye to eye
So darling

Adele - Fool That I Am

We still talk like everyday
But we don’t talk in the same way that we used to
I’ll move on and forget you
We could never see eye to eye
But either way

Neck Deep - A Part of Me

I take a step back and put on gloves when I see the sparkle and sequins.
The good people [fn]This is used in a bit of a tongue-in-cheek manner, and would be closer to the 19th century english 'gentle-folk'. (ie. upper class, high-society)[/fn] feel important, to me who they cause stress, they aren't genuine.
I won't spit in the soup, I've met people who are really good,
But I always see eye-to-eye more with those who came from the same place I'm from.
It's for the need of balance that we played in the cathedrals
And after, seeing eye to eye with an imprisoned public.

Grand Corps Malade - Tightrope walker

I can see through the scars inside you

A candle casting a faint glow
You and I see eye to eye
Can you hear the thunder?
Can you hear the thunder that is breaking?

Ghost B.C - Cirice

Climb the highest peak to be right beside you
Every step I take, I'm keeping you in mind

'Cause I understand you, we see eye-to-eye
Like a double rainbow in the sky
And wherever you go, so will I

Katy Perry - Double Rainbow

Always when I see her my lips are sealed
when we see each other look(see eye to eye)
then a tear from an eye goes

Boban Zdravković - All my loves

If life itself has a meaning, is it anything more than what we choose to call it
Sweet words make appealing, but they only serve to mask the smell of what you buried
Is it worth your while to spend on a lie, even though you cannot see eye to eye
N' give in to the rumor seduction, run by fear and all the good intentions

Poets of the Fall - Rewind

We're face to face

Demi & Joe:
But we don't see eye to eye

Demi (Echoes:Joe)

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (OST) - هیچ چیو تغییر نخواهم داد

When others never told the truth
It isn’t cause you got me mad
Tho’ you always got your ṗoints of view
We don’t always see eye to eye
That’s another thing I love about you

Jay Sean - I Don't Know

See I came like a flame in the night
Like a ghost in the dark; there's a ray, there's a light
There's a hope, there's a spark
But when planets collide they'll never see eye to eye
Until they decide to set the differences aside
And this is why only one of us will survive

Eminem - Stimulate

Is it possible to take a photo together?
Is it possible when you see it, to press "like"?
Is it possible we can meet one day?
To be just us and see eye-to-eye.

Here there are lots of people, I can only see you

Elvana Gjata - Kiss It

Me and you, we're different
Don't always see eye to eye
You go left, and I go right
And sometimes we even fight

Christina Aguilera - On Our Way

Operate, that's when he popped up at number one
And we ain't never gonna stop if you wondering
Even if I'm under the gun
You ain't got to agree all the time with me or see eye to eye
There'll always be animosity between you and I
But see the difference is, if it is, I could give a shit

Eminem - Ricky Ticky Toc

So I tell her this:
"My head is already messed up.
We see eye to eye and she's my torch,[fn]metaphorically - torch in the dark[/fn]
I lose sleep over her"

Gidi Gov - Why is your heart stone cold

You got your space and and I get to be selfish
You'll get yours baby and I'll get mine

I'm doing just fine as long as we see eye to eye
(you with me)
And no ain't nothing wrong with going out and having a good time

Vanessa Hudgens - Last Night

we gotta gotta meet in the middle
we gotta compromise
we gotta work it out this time
we need to see eye to eye
so lets meet in the middle

Timbaland - Meet In Tha Middle

Maybe it was somethin' I didn't do
I don't know

There were times that we didn't see eye to eye
Lord knows I gave it a real good try
Maybe it's got nothin' to do with me at all

Kimberley Locke - I Don't Wanna Know

I don't wanna lose you
But I don't wanna get lost
It'd be easy to see eye to eye
If you'd come down off of your high horse

Robin Thicke - Hard On My Love

If you was to see eye to eye with me,
I gave you everything that I could ever be,
But it wasn´t enough,
My diamonds are rough,
I´m a dime in a dozen bought,
You´re one in a million.

Lovex - Slave For The Glory

And there's no stopping us because we've got that cheetah love

We are cheetah cheetah girls we stick together for life sometimes we don't see eye to eye but we roll side by side, yeah there is nothing in the world
that we can't overcome streaking numbers got each other got that cheetah love.

The Cheetah Girls - Cheetah Love

There's only you and me and we just disagree.
Ooo - ooo - ooohoo oh - oh - o-whoa

So let's leave it alone, 'cause we can't see eye to eye.
There ain't no good guys, there ain't no bad guys.
There's only you and me and we just disagree.

Dave Mason - We Just Disagree

Tell me you won't fail me now
I hate to have to put you down
Hope we can see eye to eye
You gotta make me wanna give it try
But still you can't move too fast

Chante Moore - This is a Test

Say it loud, say it clear,
(you can listen) as well as you hear.
It's too late when we die
(to admit) we don't see eye to eye.

Say it loud, say it clear,

Mike + The Mechanics - The Living Years

Your mother is staying but I'm going away

No, we're not mad, kids and it's hard to say why
Your mother and I, kids, don't see eye to eye

Say your prayers before you go to bed

Cher - You Better Sit Down Kids

Lost your mind when I made you mine Now we see eye to eye
Rolled dead thoughts and smoked them blind
Still roll them and roll them still
I will consume you, I will soon own you
I am the prize in your game
The victor and loser too

SOiL - Say You Will

I made a point of not mixin'
Love and pleasure in my life
Daytime boys and nightime boys
Usually don't see eye to eye
But I've been on a roll of late
And they're all on their knees

Miranda Lambert - Guilty In Here

Any minute now keeping
Both poets and priests at bay
Don't get ahead of me
Could we just this once see eye to eye?
Could you want perhaps me?
Ask me how it feels to vie

Incubus - Admiration

Rekindle the love and never regret.
Colors will fade if we don't take a stand.
The world will turn gray if we're not hand-in-hand.
Let's stop our fighting, let's see eye to eye.
It'll be alright, keep our hands up high.

Stefanie Heinzmann - Revolution

Você, (me)
We're face to face
But we don't see eye to eye

Somos terra e ar!

Jullie - Eu Não Mudaria Nada Em Você (Wouldn't Change a Thing)

I could get this off my chest
Cause I’ve been though way too much
And we’ve grown so out if touch
Now we can’t see eye to eye
It’s time to kiss it goodbye.

Hoobastank - This is Gonna Hurt

I have a heart yeah
But it's hard as steel
And even though I'm still the same guy
One night together, we don't see eye to eye
Wipe your smile off, I'm thinking about someone else
You wanted me but you will be left for other men

Mikael Gabriel - Monster

She loves a violin, I love a fiddle
We go separate ways but we meet in the middle
Don't see eye to eye but we're hand in hand
A blue blooded woman and a redneck man

Alan Jackson - Blue Blooded Woman

They can make things worse for me
Sometimes I'd rather die
They can tell me lots of things
But I can't see eye to eye
Well, I know they know the way I think
I know they always will

Agent Orange - Bloodstains

Talk just a little, let's meet in the middle, babe

Your friends, they say I'm not your type
If they were at my level, we'd see eye to eye
I'll be accomidating if it soothes your mind
Cause, boy, you know I'll always go that extra mile

Wafia - Meet In The Middle

”But what are you saying?”
“Why can't God fuck with aliens?
Why can't Earth just be like a fuckin' small side project for this guy?”
”Okay, look, we just don't see eye to eye
“Yeah, but logically, like, you don't believe in your side”
”Yeah, but you're, like, bringing up fuckin' dinosaurs

Lil Dicky - Pillow Talking

You have to accept that,
You're a lost cause
The two of us can't see eye to eye

Accept it!

Giorgos Tsalikis - Accept It!

(I do believe, I do believe in you)...

I believe I believe
I hope we see eye to eye
And sparks they fly, fly
I believe I believe

Meghan Trainor - Something To Believe In

Some things are meant to be, baby it's so clear to see (yeah)
We built this chemistry, I couldn't ask for more
Always see eye to eye, wanna be around you all the time
Ride or die, your ride or die (ohhh)

Justine Skye - Never Leave

We can fly tonight

You (yeah you)
You and I see eye to eye
Oh you (yeah you)
Show me that truth is a lie

RuPaul - Fly Tonight

Although we won't say good-byes
Until tomorrow afternoon
Maybe when and if I see you again
We'll see eye to eye
In matters of the heart

Tracy Chapman - Matters of the Heart

You keep your name (we don't see eye to eye)
You keep your name (we don't see eye to eye)
You keep your name (we don't see eye to eye)
You keep your name (we don't see eye to eye)

Dirty Projectors - Keep Your Name

Everything's a lie
We are not your kind of people
Something in your makeup
Don't see eye to eye

We are not your kind of people

Garbage - Not Your Kind of People

Just 'cause we can’t find,
The courage to say goodbye
Oh, guess all we need now is the courage to say goodbye
We can’t see eye to eye when we’re back to back
And it’s too late to turn
Missing out on love and life,

Levina - Courage to Say Goodbye

And I promise you all that I know, every way that my mind goes
Elevated, heart strong but my head faded
Way back when we first dated, I'm gone now, had to go cause I'm on now
When my intuition got me in a mission, we see eye to eye but you ain't in my vision
Oh no, I said oh no
Back in the day I used to say a girl like you

Big Gigantic - All Of Me

There are times when we both go different ways
And we don’t see eye to eye, but that’s okay
The things that you do, they drive me insane
Yet you take me through this rollercoaster

Ira Losco - That's Why I Love You

Like shifting nutritional tables,
The rotation of fashion trends!!

Why can’t we see eye to eye?
Tell me why?
It’s only the age difference

Gacharic Spin - Generation Gap

It hurts when your denial is exposed
It hurts when your denial is exposed

Why can't we see eye to eye?
Think of all the things we leave behind
I hear the sound of a car driving by

In Flames - The Truth

utsuri yuku eiyouka
hayari sutari no ro-te-shon!!

Why can’t we see eye to eye?
Tell me why?
It’s only the age difference

Gacharic Spin - Generation Gap


Why can't we see eye to eye
Tell me why?
It's only the age difference

Gacharic Spin - Generation Gap

Half-truths and whole lies
Simple words can't justify
Another lie
Another dies
And another mother left to cry
Another night

Stick to Your Guns - Our Demise

Why must we be left alone?
We'll never make it on our own
One mind, one heart, one soul to find
Another way for us to see eye to eye

When will we understand

Stick to Your Guns - Colorblind

Up there where the sun will shine forever

With the angels we’ll fly
With the angels we’ll see eye to eye
With the angels we will know
‘Cause we

Karl Spiteri - Angels

It's gonna take a lotta love
Or we won't get too far
So if you look in my direction
And we don't see eye to eye
My heart needs protection
And so do I

Nicolette Larson - Lotta Love

The bees they fly around and around
We never quite see eye to eye
I think because I walk on the ground
And they, they always fly

Ww Ww - May-Bee