See red

Submitted by Llegó Dolor Del Corazón on 26.08.2016

See red (English) — to become very angry

English, explained by Llegó Dolor Del Corazón on Fri, 26/08/2016 - 21:29

See red — Εκνευρίζομαι πολύ

Greek, explained by Stavroula on Mon, 29/08/2016 - 21:44

See red — Выходить из себя, прийти в ярость.

Russian, explained by Kriegerin der Finsternis on Fri, 28/10/2016 - 20:02

See red — çok öfkelenmek

Turkish, explained by zeaussas on Sat, 23/12/2017 - 14:21

Translations of "See red"

FrenchVoir rouge
ItalianVedere rosso
RussianРвать и метать

"See red" in lyrics

and if attentions being given garunteed she’s in the center,
School was a struggle, result of her behaviour
excluded for the fights, a saint a few days later
coz when she got angry, she'd flip, see red
You’re too pretty for the violence, her mum always said

Lucy Spraggan - You're Too Young

with nobility and family/clan with the flute and the cifteli
with a big well known name- Albania

i see red and black, i live and die red and black
i breathe red and black i believe red and black
i live where the song is given as a call

Etno Engjujt - Albanian

It`s a cold day
in his hot heart
and a loud fire
lights the sky again

And he`s running for his life

Silbermond - White Flags

Turn on, I see red
Adrenaline crash and crack my head
Nitro junkie, paint me dead
And I see red

One hundred plus through black and white

Metallica - Fuel

Dare me to jump off of this Jersey bridge
I bet you never had a Friday night like this
Keep it up keep it up lets raise our hands
I take a look up in the sky and I see red
Red for the cancer, red for the wealthy,
Red for the drink that's mixed with suicide.

Pierce The Veil - King For A Day

At the same time my star
I deify you
When I hear laughter
I see red
And turn into a slaughterer

Völkerball - Queen

Got to go
When’s God coming
Set for life - or dead
I see red
Sick in the head - it’s all your fault
Yeah, right –

Bushido - Brain Fry

It’s true I’ve never heard a word you’ve said …
(I already know
your voice makes me “see red”.)
That grating drivel rolls so easily
off the tip of your tongue …

Annett Louisan - Torsten Schmidt

How could I have anticipated what happens today?
And I never thought that I loose my friends this way
That's my way of thinking, who wants to discuss?
I see red and come with the herd like a bull
Still the same, today I'll only talk about the truth
I never wanted to fit into your picture, I gave d*mn for it

Bushido - Times change

And no one's stopping me now, I'm living my dream, and you're all invited!

I don't see red lights, I just see "Go", I don't do stop signs, I don't hear "No"
Jump and don't look down, that's how you fly, there's no turning back now, it's win or you die...
Don't be scared just

McClain Sisters - Go

Cause all you see is red.
All you see is red.
Cause all you see is red.
All you see is red.

Oliver Koletzki - You See Red

They aren't alive anymore.
They aren't dead.
When I see them, then I see red.

Aim at the head, no mercy.

Die Ärzte - Antizombie

The ones who have experienced mediocre loves

It loves with its left part, erases from the right*
You will get off "hoppa" if I see red
You haven't seen anything yet
It's just my introduction besides what you will see

Gülşen - Introduction

I watch you a long time - baby you
Are the best sight that I've got today - I see red
If you say no I go dead
Believe me, it's not a trick - just the famous first glance

Die Ärzte - Go With Me

The river of sorrow and pestilence carry me
Give birth to my kingdom by the sea of blood

I see red, feel blood odor and the new age of dawn
A wave of despair follows the greeds swell
Pain and suffering, I shall now do worse

Raubtier - The Lord of the Flies

Here I am with all these questions hanging from my ceiling low
And one day they'll keep telling me I told you so
Everywhere I turn I see red lights flashing over my head
Oh no, oh no, oh no
In a whirl-wind spinning yeah somehow it knocked me off my feet

David Archuleta - The Other Side Of Down

Only skin and bone
with a heart of soap
It makes the sunbleached
beautiful ones see
red this year
and you all have bored small holes

Kent - Elvis

And I have had enough of waiting
In truth I am tired
You are TV-eyed, changed
You are sentimental you see red
I have had enough of waiting
for those constant problems with sleep

Kent - Wish That Someone...

fucked up in a moment
I punch my fist trough the wall
demons, they won't be gone
I see red
and I think it's my blood
Back to the start

Cheek - Why Does It Happen

They're no longer alive.
They are not dead.
And when I see them I see red.

Aim for the head, no mercy.

Die Ärzte - Anti-Zombie

I feel it now
I'm lookin down
Your face to me
And I see red
In melody
Come and back me up, oh what's that baby?

Flume - The Greatest View

And my star likewise
I adore you.
I hear laughter
Then I see red
And turn into a slaughterer

Völkerball - Queen

I'm finally mad
Like a rush of blood to my weary head
No longer sad
The emotional tide has turned and I see red

Heard you clap your hands

Sarah Blasko - Lost & Defeated

I have the law to see, the law to know
The name of every street you've know
I have the law to see red and black
Best and worst, the law to choose
I'm freedom, never released

Dracula, entre l'amour et la mort - Allowed to know

Get in bed and cover your head
I see you and I see red
The party’s over, last call
Go find yourself another place to fall

Hanna Pakarinen - Shout it out loud

I'm standing here with an urge to make your day
i see red and blue and green but never grey
i came to make you smile when you hear me sing
but when these lights turn bright i forget everything

The Carbonfools - Clublights

You're not the one we thought
You are far less shy than me
When you see red I know I don't speak
I hear to the laugh of your steps and the bells of your tears...

Chat - Soul Mates

Yeah, this dude calls you but you don't want to answer him.
You said you're gonna tell him about us, why the fuck are you still hiding it?
Because I don't see the point. I see red/I am mad, when he keeps calling you like an idiot.
Close the phone, I'm waiting for you in our bed.

Speak - War-Prey

In my brain, there are a million candies

I see red deep inside
I almost feel violent
When I see the blood flow

Le husky - To See Red

My eyes are watering, I don't know what will happen now
It's already too late, I see the clock's hand turning
You're my angel, please tell me, why are you crying?
When I see you like this, it makes me see red!
I can't do it anymore, I was ever only crazy about you
I wanted more, an answer didn't follow anymore either!

DeNi$ - Already Taken

I saw happiness on the horizon, I was obstructed by the Greys*
You rephrase my feelings, I'm obstructed by the cries
I live life to the fullest, others dream of a handful of rice
We see red, while as far as the eye can see, the sky is grey

[Chorus 2 - Sindy]

Team BS - Bad Luck

Like the night that we met, all black
Like the colour of your dress, all black
Like the seats in my Cadillac
I used to see red, now just all black

I remember feeling so alive

Good Charlotte - All Black

Don't take this past the point of no return
You don't want this kind of lesson learned
When I see red all I need is a reason to throw it down
To take you out and you will have no doubt

Saliva - Badass

When you are angry and resentful,
Surprised and offended.
When it gets dark in front of your eyes
And you see red.

White kidneys and then skewered meat

Rokeri s Moravu - Tango Šojić

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down and find faith
When they’ve left you for dead and you can only see red
You must find a way

Muse - Dig Down

Merely skin and bone
And a heart of soap
It makes the sun-bleached and beautiful
see red this year
And you've been drilling small holes
Trying to steal my thoughts

Kent - Elvis

Things like this can always take a little time
I always thought we'd be together down the line
We start to fight and can't get over what was said
'Cause you see black and white and I see red

And I wonder who let in the rain

Cyndi Lauper - Who Let In The Rain

Heart breaker soul shaker
I've been told about you
Steamroller midnight shoulder
What they been saying must be true

Red hot mama

Nazareth - Hair of the Dog

I scream louder
To drown out my own noise
I see red
I see black
Fury soon blinds me

Chima - Silence

And I bet you never knew
I could have regrets
for all the things that
make you see red,
but all I see is purple instead

MandoPony - Purple

Lots of fine style advice from the Polish
There's only one for you and no other
And if someone does not consider yours his number one
You see red like Heinz ketchup and lock him up
Torture him with Simple Minds until he cries
Dangerous Liaisons

Beginner - Love Song

The headman is going to speak
The headman is saying the truth
Now, I know you understand
Why I see red when I talk about Injuns

Hana mana ganda

Peter Pan (OST) - Why is his Skin Red?

In the dark, I see red
As the pain is so sharp
When the shadows follow me
In the dark, I see red
I will erase the insult
In the colours of my rage

Le Rouge et le Noir (Comédie musicale) - In the dark, I see red

It's kind of criminal
When you mess with my head
But it turns me, turns me on
Every time I see red

Of your wicked love, wicked love, wicked love, wicked love

Foxes - Wicked Love

You in the mirror always tell me that I am a crybaby
and you hate me crying.

I see red eyes in the rusted mirror.
I hate a crybaby.

Kayoko Yoshizawa - Crybaby dugong

Take a little bit of me if you go walking
Take a little bit of peace if you see red
Take a little bit of time if you can't drink this out
'Cause there's a time and there's a place when this will end

Spada - You & I

And feed you with your twisted tongue
Until you cannot breathe

The fury makes our eyes see red
It burns within our hearts
Soon you'll all be stone cold dead

Amon Amarth - Bastards of a Lying Breed

You passed me on your way to crime
But don't see, that world was mine
Hate fills my head, i see red
One day you'll lose your fucking head

Agonoize - Hate

She may be living now in a foreign country
The color of her eyes may have turned blue.

Every time I see red shoes, I think of her
Every time I see a foreigner, I think of her.

Unknown Artist (Japanese) - Red Shoes

You need 3 sabers to triumph? AH! How funny!
My saber is always available and you still have an orifice.
I'm the masqued crusader, the bane of Capistrano.
You see red, gringo? Charging like a bull was a mistake.
I'll close an eye if you knee before the torero.
Missed! I marked your scrore on this battle of a Z that means ZERO!

123Lunatic - Zorro vs Zoro Roronoa - Epic Pixel Battle #14

If Vald is happy, you're gonna stain the blue one
It's gonna ruin the game
I don't like it when my pawns move
In front, I only see red ass
The stars above my nose fill my destiny
I'm looking at your design, this shit is poorly drawn

Vald - Scales

Stop, pop, don't drop
Pour me a little (put your glass up)

Don't wanna see red now, flash your green lights tonight.

Roll Deep - Green Light

the roses must be red
must be, must be, must be, must be.

All shall see red roses in this garden...

Alice: But, sir of 3s<fn>the card of 3s</fn> do you pain them carmine?

Alice in Wonderland (OST) - We Must Paint The Roses

Breathe me in and take me under
Crack these walls and let’s start again
And then I see red, I see red, I see red, I see red
I see red, I see red, I see red, I see red

We can run, we can hide

Thousand Foot Krutch - I See Red

I said I feel dead
I said I’m on red alert
I said I see red when you go

Give me your hand

Isolation Berlin - Princess Borderline

I must respond to your provocation
I always search for a confrontation with you
I see red you you stand in front of me
You are the reason why my heart still beats

Megaherz - Enemy Image

Oh, "His/Her mother used to love me", Those feelings which stop me
Keep me away from you
Nowadays, get out of my sight nowadays
I can see red easily, don't make me angry

A a a... 50 missed calls

Demet Akalın - 50 Missed Calls

No fuel, no desire, so lost I could walk through fire
See red, left for dead, unrest, I've been misled
No chains or restraints, imprint you left behind you
Slow burn, it's your turn, this agony, I wanna let you know

Pop Evil - Core