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You Went Away

You went away, you went away
Like the tiredness in the first days of a summer by the sea
Like improvisation when you don't know what to do
Like the darkness of the night at seven in the morning
Like the lucidity of those who drink too much wine
Oh oh...
You went away, you went away
Like fever after being healed by antibiotics
Like the sincerity of the politics
Like wind behind a wall built specifically to defend yourself
Like reality for those who only want to delude themselves
I immensely loved
Your kind of lunatic speeches
And then suddenly...
You went away, you went away
Like air for those who got locked in jail
Like bitterness for those who wait
Like sleep when there's a thought coming back1
Like a permanent doubt after a confirmation
Oh, oh...
You went away, you went away
Like my identity when I'm in front of you
Like democracy when a king comes
Like silence when there's an active child
Like the humbleness of those who want to be a star
I immensely loved
Your huge lies
And then suddenly...
You went away, you went away
Like unconsciousness feeling a small pain
Like words said in a hurry, with a low voice in the noise
Like those details which we no longer remembered
Like sadness when you come back...
  • 1. Remember that times when you can't sleep because you think inadvertently about something that you weren't supposed to?
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Sei andata via

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