性善説 (Seizensetsu) (English translation)

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ねえママ あなたの言う通り 彼らは裁かれて然るべきだ
奪えるものは全部奪っていった 崩れたビルに 戦車と夕日
ねえママ あなたの言う通り 隣人は愛して然るべきだ
陰口ほど醜いものはないわ 手を取り合って 微笑み合って
こんな時代に 生き延びるだけでも 容易くはないわ どうか幸せに
寝ぼけ眼でテレビをつけて ぼやけた頭に無理矢理流れ込んだ
殺人だ強盗だ人身事故だ 流行だアイドルだ もう うるせえよ
人心地つける余裕もなく 僕らの日々は流れに摩耗して
明るいニュースを探している 明るいニュースを探している
ねえママ あなたの言う通り 他人は蹴落として然るべきだ
幸福とは上位入賞の勲章 負けないように 逃げないように
目を覆い隠しても 悲鳴は聞かされて 耳を塞いでも 目をこじ開けられて
真っ白な朝日に急かされて あの子の家に向かう電車の中
馬鹿な男の下世話な自慢話に 子供を連れ車両を変える母親を見たよ
各々の思想がぶつかり合って 満員電車は個人的な紛争地帯
僕は僕を保つので精一杯で その実誰かの肩にもたれていたよ
ねえママ あなたは言ったじゃないか 嘘をつけばバチがあたると
神に祈れば救われると 苦労はいつか報われると
ねえママ 僕は知ってしまったよ 人間は皆平等だと
世界はあるがまま美しいと それ等は全くの詭弁であると
否定されてしまった性善説の 後始末を押し付けられた僕らは
逃げ場もなく小箱に閉じ込められて 現実逃避じゃなきゃ もう笑えねえよ
「人は本来優しいものですよ」 それが嘘だと暴いたのはあんただろ
教育だ宗教だ道徳だ 何でもいいから早く次のをくれよ
ねえママ あなたの言う通り 自分を善だと信じて疑わないときは
他方からは悪だと思われてるものよ あなただけが私の善なのよ
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The Belief That Human Nature Is Fundamentally Good

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Hey, mom, as you say, it is appropriate for them to be judged
All things that could be stolen was stolen, in the fallen buildings, tanks and evening sun
Hey, mom, as you say, it is appropriate for us to love our neighbors
Even talking behind someone's back is not an ugly thing, taking each other's hand, smiling to each other
In this era, even simply surviving is not an easy thing, please do it happily, somehow
Turning on the TV with half-asleep eyes, it's flowing forcibly into my blurry mind
It's murder, it's robbery, it's self-harming incident, it's stylish things, it's idol, argh, so noisy!
Turning on our consciousness without anything left, our days are wearing along with the flow
(We are) looking for the bright news, looking for the bright news
Hey, mom, as you say, it is appropriate for us to defeat others
Happiness is a medal of a superior winning prize, in hopes of not losing, in hopes of not running away
Even though (I) cover my eyes, I get asked to hear the scream, even though I plug up my ears, I get asked to wrench open my eyes
Hurried by the pure white morning sun, inside the train that is heading towards that girl's* house
(I heard) a common boastful speech of a foolish man, I saw a mother who accompanies a child was changing railroad cars
Each thoughts strike with each other, the crowded train is an individualistic dispute area
Because I am enduring myself with all my might, in fact, I am also leaning on someone's shoulders
Hey, mom, didn't you said if we lie, we'll pay for it
If we pray to god, we will be saved, hardships will someday get paid off
Hey, mom, I already knew that humans are all equal, that the world is beautiful as it is, that all of those are utter fallacies
The remedial of the belief that human nature is fundamentally good that we have denied are forced into us
There is no place to run away, locked inside a small box, if (I am) not running away from reality, I am not laughing anymore
"People are actually kind beings", the one who exposed that it was a lie was you, right?
It's education, it's religion, it's moral, anything is okay, give me the next thing
Hey, mom, as you say, when we believe without any doubt that we are good
The other side thinks we are evil, you are my only goodness
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Author's comments:

*子 (ko) = can be translated as a girl or a kid
The words in parenthesis are my own interpretation because either the subjects or verbs or both of them were not included in the sentences.
I tried my best to translate each word, 'cause I really love this song and amazarashi. It's very thoughtful.

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