Juan Pardo - Autorretrato (English translation)

English translation

Self portrait

As I've been I am, as I am today, I'll be
the tomorrow that is in front and comes here.
I sing without protesting and I don't want to reproach
to the people their words and way to be.
I have the woeful countenance of thee friends of the sea,
gambler, also smug
and a bit fleeting, I live in peace.
Sane and circumflex looking, that's what my mirror says,
very calm and drinker, I'm a night owl,
a very sincere worker,
I'm not chatty neither a good observer.
I was a boy that luck
has bathed in that magical fountain
of the dreams that wake up
in the reality.
As you've seen me I was, as you see me, I'll be
before all the ways that may appear.
I still believe in myself and I'm still true
to the hand and the smile I offered one day
Because I believe in the simple people of the mountains and the sea
and I play rekindling my fire
in the actual time, it's not wrong.
I spend the money I earn and is that I like to spend
because the worth of the bucks is not in its place
and I can say that though I'm ambitious
I'm generous because I learned
from that boy that luck
has bathed in that magical fountain
of the dreams that wake up
in the reality.
This is more or less in a first peek
all the things I've seen in me.
I'm sure there will be the generous friend
who gifts me some more tasty adjectives
but anyway, if something is left unsaid
you can be sure this is a sincere work
dedicated to the heart, to that heart in front
to the heart of the people, of that people that is people.
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