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You Be Free

I understood you
Sometimes it's enough to understand
To keep quiet, just like this
To love is enough at any rate1
Let's not be reunited again
From now on I accept everything
I won't stand in your way, I'll go
Strangeness my death2
My hope won't remain but
It will be enough that you keep it alive
Surely one day until it is quiet3
That fate will laugh
It's enough for you to be free
Let my happiness remain to the end
One of your words is enough, I cannot return
Let that also remain to the end
Let there be something, it's enough
Understand the inside of me
Let the rest remain with me
  • 1. These two lines might be better translated as "To love just like this is enough, at any rate"
  • 2. I'm not sure what this line means
  • 3. I'm not sure about the wording of this line
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