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Sen Ağlama (English translation)

  • Artist: Kargo (Ozan Anlaş, Selim Öztürk & Burak Karataş)
  • Song: Sen Ağlama
  • Translations: English
English translationEnglish

Don't Cry

Don't cry, i can't face that
Don't cry my pupil of the eye, i can't sacrifice you
Give my heart, it gets yours
If my heart stays me, i can't live
There are so longing and seperateness
Hours seperated to sadnesses
I saw two tears flowing
And I saw separation with love
Like a song like a poem
I lived sadnesses my darling
That's a memory from you
I always keep my kove with sadness
I keep you like a secret
Like a vow, like a secret dream
I can carry this charge, you can go
Go and don't get a bitter taste
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Sen Ağlama

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