Los Tigres del Norte - Señor Locutor (English translation)

English translation

Mister Commentator

Well say who do I have the pleasure with?
Hello...Mister Commentator
if you can make me a favor
put me a song
that doesnt talk of love
i want that woman to know
that her goodbye hurted me
that gave me a big pain
what happen to you my friend
I can tell in the voice
that you loved her in the soul
with true love
is true comrade
I loved her to die
i adored her as nobody
but there was not money
and she went behind success
that the metal produces
and Mr. commentator
that makes me cry
Well, well, tell me
Mister Commentator
if you can do me the favor
to tell that gentleman
not to lie for God
tell him that if he already forgot
that he was the one that failed to that good woman
dont hang up on me my friend i understand that you are
the third on problem
of this love's story
it is not so, not sir
true that i carry on my soul that woman
with the purest love
you stole it from me
dont say silly things
she always loved you
dont hang up please
what a love's story! what a story!
listen hear me the both of you
love is so
makes some be happy
and others make suffer
you were the one that talked
if you made her cry
today ask her for forgiveness
if you are listening to me
wherever you may be please i beg you
to forgive my mistake
it is too late
that holy woman
died from sadness
the day she was born
it is that you are, you my son
forgive me God
Father is not the one that engenders
a father is all love
please forgive me my son
I can forgive
but my holly mother
let her rest
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Señor Locutor

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