Djavan - Serrado (English translation)

English translation


If my Lord approves me
I'll go back to my savannah (*)
'Cause there stayed
Who has spiced my love (bis)
And sowed into me such incredible
If this is the will of God
Bless me...
Bless me!
If asking to God for my pleasure
Is not sin,
Then I'll pray for, when I come back,
Review all pranks of the past
Courting my Savannah
And in holidays
Hail the incarnated and blue ribbon! (**)
I know I'll be happy again
My people, let me cry with you (bis)
I'll be happy again
My people, let me cry with you
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Author's comments:

(*) Serrado ( is the geographical region where Djavan (the author) was born (see comments below).
(**) "Incarnated and blue ribbon" refers to Pastoril, a folk dance of the Brazilian Northeast (see Maceió - Festa Junina for more details)

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sambadojazz    Sat, 18/06/2016 - 04:31

Serrado is not at all about sierra or mountains. It means "cerrado" or savannah. Djavan is talking about returning to his place of birth, Maceió, which has shrubs and grasslands.

alexandresousamachado    Mon, 20/06/2016 - 23:22

Obrigado, sambadojazz! Quando fiz a tradução, apenas foquei nas palavras, esquecendo que quase sempre existe uma história, um contexto, em cada música. Vou editar o título e algumas linhas, e, se vc tiver alguma sugestão, por favor, poderia colocá-las aqui?!
Abraços! Regular smile
Thanks, sambadojazz! When I translated this, I only put my focus on words, forgetting that almost always there's a story, a context, behind each song. I'm going to edit the title and some verses, and if you have any suggestions, please, could you put them here?!