Marina Tsvetayeva - Семь мечей пронзали сердце... (English translation)


Семь мечей пронзали сердце...

Семь мечей пронзали сердце
Богородицы над Сыном.
Семь мечей пронзили сердце,
А мое — семижды семь.
Я не знаю, жив ли, нет ли
Тот, кто мне дороже сердца,
Тот, кто мне дороже Сына...
Этой песней — утешаюсь.
Если встретится — скажи.
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25 мая 1918.

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English translation

Seven Swords Were Piercing Her Heart...

Seven swords were piercing Her heart,
Holy Mother over Her Son.
Seven swords have pierced Her heart but
Mine was pierced like seven squared.
I don't know if he's alive yet,
He, who's dearer than my heart,
He, who's dearer than Her Son...
I console myself with this song.
If you meet him - do tell me.
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Equirhythmic poetic translation.
The running meter: [ ^- ^- ^- ^- ]

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petit élève    Thu, 11/05/2017 - 18:55

I wouldn't have thought possible to translate Tsvetaeva with such an apparent ease. Very well done.

St. Sol    Thu, 11/05/2017 - 18:52

Thank you: I tried Regular smile