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Sex Appeal (English translation)

  • Artist: Eugeniusz Bodo (Bohdan Eugène Junod)
  • Song: Sex Appeal
English translationEnglish

Sex Appeal

You are tough and strong - we, weaker sex,
But we have something you would like to have,
What is worth your strength - your fist and hard hand,
We women - although weak, have on you one weapon:
Sex appeal, that's our womanly weapon
Sex appeal, that's something that turns you on,
Grace, style, charm, chic,
We conquer you with that at once, ooooo...
Just one sign and you don't know anymore,
What and how, you're sighing for hours,
Eh, oh, uh, ah,
You're tormenting yourself so much, it's scary
One smile, one face,
And each one of you, the hardest stone,
Is polite and cordial to each of us
The weaker sex, and yet the strongest one
The weaker sex, and yet the toughest one,
Grace, chic, charm, style,
our weapon is sex appeal.
This one has a car, this one a jewels, this one fluff of furs,
Another one a string of pearls, and I have pair of legs
And on my face a pair of dimples, pretty eyes, nice brows...
These are more important than the riches
Because in these is the thing:
Sex appeal, sex appeal
Grace, style, charm, chic
Sex appeal, sex appeal,
Sex appeal, sex appeal,
Grace, style, charm, chic,
our weapon is sex appeal!
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Sex Appeal

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