Megaherz - Sexodus (English translation)

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It's over
We're through
No more love
No more romance
You stink of another man
You know I don't like that
It's over now
I'm gonna do what I gotta do
Thus the house of cards falls
The fairy tale teller runs out of breath
Save your bla-bla
I've heard it all before
You're dead to me - final destination
Girl, play your game by yourself
I'm not going to be your punching ball anymore
You say I don't understand you
You're right
That's why I'm leaving now
I've stared into the furnace long enough1
I've trusted the wrong girl long enough
You've cheated on me too often
You've wrecked my nerves for far too long
It's over now
I'm gonna do what I gotta do
  • 1. Not sure what this is supposed to mean. There's an idiom "in die Röhre schauen" (lit. "to stare into the pipe") which means "to come up empty".
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