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King Idol

King idol, beautiful idol, I'll kiss your feet
Silk is priceless, alike to those hairs of yours
Oh, I will sit on your way, tired and tired, my beloved
Oh, I will pick the basil flower, bouquets and bouquets, my beloved
Oh, the basil flower has never had such an aroma, my beloved
Oh, my heart does not have the tolerance of being apart, my beloved
I swear verse by verse of the Qu'ran,
That every moment my heart wants to see you
If I wasn't afraid of people's gossips,
I would follow you like a shadow, my beloved
Oh come, because my life is not separate from your life, my beloved
Oh come, because my house* has no excitement without you, my beloved
Oh come, let's sit next to each other for one second, beloved
Oh, God knows how faithless this world is, my beloved
(My) love, love, love, love
Love, love, love, love**
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Author's comments:

English translation from link below, by 'afsaneh', with a few changes.
* In this context, house means heart Regular smile
** 'yār' (yor) can mean (my) love, sweetheart, partner, friend. I have noticed it's a common phrase used in Persian and languages influenced by Persian (like Uzbek, and to some extent Turkish).


Shah Sanam

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