Mohamed AlShehhi - Shams Hebbik (شمس حبك) (English translation)

English translation

the sun of your love

read it from my eyes
longing has no tongue to speak
o'absentee, how long have I been suffering
how will I ever be able to adapt to abandonment
how many times have I come to you with a fire burning
in my heart and you don't know
for god's sake, 'I love you' is always on my tongue
the monument of my love, why would you destroy it?
I painted your world with my colours
a picture that exceeded your every dream
I allowed you to enter the love range 1
how could I survive your shot?
circumstances control the man
everyone has a limit to abide by
you're the one who took the path on to forget about me
every initiator 2 is the most wrongful, my dear
I cam to you with affection and kindness
and ended up hurting by your love
not only have you hurt me, but you went cold on me
and abandonment has left its mark on me
it was sealed with an immense feeling
I saw the sun of your love waving goodbye
no matter how many farewells
that anyone would count
  • 1. like a shooting range
  • 2. of evil
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Shams Hebbik (شمس حبك)