Christmas Carols - Shczo to za prediwo (English translation)


Shczo to za prediwo

Szczo to za prediwo, w switi nowyna
Szczo Maryja Diwa Syna rodila
A jak wona porodyla,
Todi wona powidala:
Susie! synu mij.
Josif staruszok w zolobi stoit?
Susowi Chrystowi peleny stroit?
A Maryja pelenaje,
do serdenka pryhortaje
Preczysta Diwa.
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English translation

What is this great wonder?

What is this great wonder? What is this strange news?-
That the Virgin Mary gave birth to a son.
And, when she had given birth, )
Then she had seen Him, looked upon Him )
The Virgin Mary )2x
And the elder Joseph beside the manger standing,
For dear Jesus Christ, laying out velvet.
And Mary yet is singing, )
To her dear heart she embraces )
And kisses Jesus . )2x
Oh, there came 3 kings bearing gifts,
And before them a star with radiance.
Herod came out asking )
and to him self inviting: )
"Where do you all travel?" )2x
And the kings Herod avoided,
Wanting to rush and hurry, God there to greet,
They greated the King and God )
And bowed down before him in the manger. )2x
In the manger, the manger...
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