Yuuki Shirai - Shining (English translation)

English translation


Already the wind at my back is nonstop
A spark has stirred up passion
It troubles me, shining
But I won't be deceived
I want to move forth on my own horizon
Yet it's very far away
It seems I can meet it with a genuine dream
I don't use rules from the boring manual during construction
I change the canvas and paint various rainbows in the blue sky
I want to pick the free "only style"
Let's get the seven lines
Without being picky about the method
Round & round & run on the chosen path
Let's awaken that miracle
There's nothing stopping us
The words remaining in the corner of the note said
"Tomorrow's own appearance is eternity's rival"
Let's get started while we wander this spacious earth
Nobody has the power to aim for the first of the evening
I want to build the free "only stance"
Let's get the shining stars
The setting sun sinks in front of the cityscape
Let's move beyond that sky
What's there, facing so near the burning sun?
I want to be assured that there's nothing here for my life
As I go in pursuit, the rhythm strikes my shining heart
Engraving my groove in the middle of a chance meeting
I'll freely cross the blowing storm
Let's get the heaven's light
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