My Sailor Boy lyrics

  • Artist: Shirley Collins (Shirley Elizabeth Collins)
  • Album: Crowlink (EP, 2021)

My Sailor Boy

Father, Father, build me a boat
That on the ocean I'll go and float
And every kingship that do pass by
Their island cry for my sailor boy
I hadn't been sailing but half an hour
Before I met a boatman with warmth
"Captain, captain, tell me true
Is my sweet William onboard with you?"
"No, kind lady, he's not here
That he's drowned most breaks my fear
The other night when the wind blew high
That's when you lost your sweet sailor boy"
I'll set me down, I'll write a song
I'll write it neat and I'll write it long
In every verse, I will shed a tear
In every line holds sweet William, dear
She run her hands and she tore her hair
Just like a lady in deep despair
A boat against the rocks did run
How can I live now my William's gone?
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