Murat Nasirow - Shkol'naya (Школьная) (English translation)


Shkol'naya (Школьная)

Ты снова перед зеркалом себя
Со всех сторон оцениваешь строго
Ах надо подрасти еще б немного,
И лучше бы к началу сентября ..
И вот Валерка с Витькой
Твой портфель
Несут на спор и в школу
И со школы
И ты еще в добавок
Для прикола
Раскручиваешь эту карусель
А ночами сны приходят,
Ну куда же их девать?
Ну куда же их девать?
Там такое происходит,
Никому не рассказать,
Никому не рассказать!
Там такое происходит,
Никому не рассказать.
Платформа, джинсы, сумочка, очки,
Ты обожаешь стильно одеваться,
А что такого, через год - тринадцать!
Джульетте было столько же почти...
Ох за тобою нужен глаз да глаз!
Ворчит бабуля, пироги дымятся!
Но вот проблема с кем поцеловаться?
С Валеркой или с Витькой
В первый раз?
Припев (х2)
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English translation

School girl

You step again in front of the mirror
with a thorought glance of severe apparaisal.
It would be so nice to grow up a little bit,
and that'd better happen before September...
And there is Valera and Vitya,
arguing to carry your bag
on the way to school
and back.
And you rub it in,
jokingly sending
this carousel spinning.
Now these dreams that come at night,
what are you supposed to do with them?
What are you supposed to do with them?
What happens in them is something
you would not want to tell anyone!
You would not want to tell anyone!
What happens in them is something
you would not want to tell anyone!
Platform, denims, handbag, glasses,
you simply love dressing to kill.
How come you'll turn thirteen this year!
Juliet1 was hardly any older...
You should be kept on a tight leash, girl!
Granny is grumbling, the pie is getting cold!.
Now here is the problem:
Between Valera and Vitya,
which one shall I kiss for the first time?
(chorus x2)
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Author's comments:

Rather cute if slightly corny ;).
The Russian title is "school song", I changed it because I thought it fitted the lyrics better.

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Alexander Laskavtsev    Sat, 08/04/2017 - 18:58

School SONG
And I think "In front of the mirror", for "looking glass" is something small.

petit élève    Sat, 08/04/2017 - 19:01

I just changed the title because I thought it sounded better (it's about a school girl dreaming of becoming a woman, after all).

By the way, what do you think of this mysterious line about a grumbling granny and baking pies? I feel like I'm getting it wrong.

Alexander Laskavtsev    Sat, 08/04/2017 - 19:02

And no, that's not an idiomatic expression. That means "the pies are ready, and her granny is grumbling at her, for it's time to taste them, but her granddaughter is busy with her dreamings"

petit élève    Sat, 08/04/2017 - 19:04

OK, and for the previous line, is that the girl dreaming of having a chat with Juliet, or the granny saying to the girl "I shall tell you about facts of life" ?

Alexander Laskavtsev    Sat, 08/04/2017 - 19:07

And you are wrong again. This line about Julliet refers to its previous line.
За тобою нужен глаз да глаз... - well, this could say either "granny" or "the performer of the song with these lyrics"
глаз да глаз - idiom... "you need to be watched 24/7"

Alexander Laskavtsev    Sat, 08/04/2017 - 19:10

No. За тобою нужен глаз да глаз is an idiom - "it is neccessary to watch over you 24/7"

petit élève    Sat, 08/04/2017 - 19:19

I spotted a difference, but I could not find the idiom in online dictionnaries and my guess from contextual examples proved to be wrong.

petit élève    Sat, 08/04/2017 - 19:29

It would not be as cute Teeth smile
I hesitated to put the note, but Juliet is a rather common name in English, so I feared the allusion would not be as obvious as in Russian.

petit élève    Sat, 08/04/2017 - 19:22

Well you're right, I was just tempted by the image of Alice in Wonderland, but that does not work very well here.

Green_Sattva    Sat, 15/04/2017 - 05:45

"Between Valera and Vitka,
which one shall I kiss for the first time"

Vitka sounds kinda feminine to me Teeth smile I would rather say Vit'ka or Vitya

Alexander Laskavtsev    Sun, 16/04/2017 - 05:24

Vityushechka / Vityunechka / Vityulechka - russian diminutives have no limits Wink smile