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If I were President

Once upon a time, at the entrance of artists
A little blond boy, had quite a sad look
He expected from me, a magic sentence
I simply said to him: If I were President...
If I were President, of the Republic1
Never again, would a child have a sad thought
I would -of course- name Mickey, as Prime Minister
of my Government, if I were President.
Dopey at Culture2, seems obvious to me
Tintin for the Police, and Scrooge McDuck for the Finances
Zorro to Justice, and Minnie to the Dance
Would you be happy, if I were President?
Tarzan would be Minister of Ecology
Bécassine at Trade, Maya to Industry,
I would declare, all the pastries public
No opposition, if I were President
If I were President, of the Republic
I would write my speeches in verses and music
And on the days of counseling, we would go on a picnic
We'd3 do funny things, if I were President
I would receive at night, the diplomatic corps
In a great disco, with an atomic atmosphere
We would go to war, with great rhythmic blows
Nothing would be like before, if I were President
At the edge of the fountains, would flow Orangeade4
Coluche, our Minister of Fun5
Would impose rides6, on all esplanades
We would really have a blast, if I were President!
If you were President, of the Republic
For us, your little friends, it would be super practical
We could laugh and heckle, without any risks
We would really be happy, if you were President!
...I would never be President, of the Republic
You little guys are very nice
But don't count on me, for politics
You don't have to be President to love children.
  • 1. In France, the full title is literally said as: "President of the Republic of France".
  • 2. (Ministry of Culture) See the "Comments" part at the bottom of the lyrics to get info on the names listed here.
  • 3. (We would do)
  • 4. Orange soft drink
  • 5. Coluche (born in 1944) was a French stage comedian and cinema actor. He is very famous, and known for the "Restaurants du Cœur". Fun fact: he announced his candidacy for the French presidential election in 1980, and a poll suggested he had 16% of potential voters, while he had no political background and was not taken seriously by the media. Eventually, he withdrew after being pressured. He died in a motorcycle crash in 1986 (circumstances still considered mysterious by many people to this day).
  • 6. Multiple translations possible: carousel, roundabout, hurdy-gurdy, merry-go-round...
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Author's comments:

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About the names listed in the song, here is the translation of all the notes I wrote on the French lyrics:
- Mickey Mouse: fictional character belonging to the Disney universe (first appearance in 1928), in the form of a male anthropomorphic mouse.
- Dopey: a dwarf from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (homonymous tale written by the Brothers Grimm, 1812; first appearance in 1937 at Disney).
- Tintin: fictional character created by the Belgian cartoonist Hergé ("Les Aventures de Tintin"). He is a young reporter seeking to solve cases and mysteries.
- Balthazar Scrooge: fictional character from Disney studios, created by scriptwriter-cartoonist Carl Barks (1947). He is famous for his great avarice.
- Zorro: fictional character created by Johnston McCulley (in 1919), notably incarnated on-screen by Guy Williams, Alain Delon, Duncan Regehr, Antonio Banderas (among others, to name only the most famous). Dressed in black, he masks his identity to fight injustice in Upper California at the start of the nineteenth century.
- Minnie Mouse: fictional character from the world of Mickey Mouse, created by Walt Disney (1928), in the form of a female anthropomorphic mouse.
- Tarzan: fictional character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs (in 1912). He represents an archetypal wild child raised by the Great Apes in the African jungle.
- Bécassine: cartoon character created by screenwriter Jacqueline Rivière and designer Émile-Joseph-Porphyre Pinchon (first appearance in 1905). Despite her "woodcock" air (which gave her the name "Bécassine", from the word "bécasse"), she seems to be able to do anything/everything.
- Maya the bee: fictional character written for a children's book, created by the German writer Waldemar Bonsels (in 1912).


Si j'étais président

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