Pecos - Si me faltaras (English translation)

English translation

If I don't have you

You, if I don't have you, shelter of my love
Mirror in which I
Reflect myself, but if I don't have you
I don't know, where I have to look
Because you are that light, that shines without failing
I figure out that, if I don't have you
I could go crazy, I could go crazy.
You, bring down the curtains and you turn off the sun
Break this stage
Because without her there's no show.
You, by walking and you pick the sea
Because without her, the day wouldn't exist
Living for the sake of it, what a stupid ideal
What an endless night
Living is something more, but if I don't have you
To imagine that I'm melted in you
And everyone in the feel, because she's love.
Because she's a cyclone, that can break you
Like if¡t happens to me
If when I wake up, I don't find you
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Si me faltaras

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