Rosana - Si tú no estás aqui (English translation)

English translation

If you are not here

I don't want to be without you
If you're not here I don't need the air
I don't want to be like this
Without you, people become no one
If you're not here I don't know
What the hell I'm doing loving you
If you're not here you will know
That God is not going to understand why you're leaving
I don't want to be without you
If you're not here I lack sleep
I don't want to go on like this
Beating a heart of unowned love
If you're not here I don't know...
I will pur out my dreams if one day I don't have you
The biggest will become the smallest
I'll stroll down a starless sky this time
Attempting to understand who made hell out of paradise
Don't ever leave because
I can't be without you
If you're not here the air burns me
If you're not here I don't know...
If you're not here
Submitted by sapere_aude on Fri, 28/05/2010 - 12:02
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I love Rosana!


Si tú no estás aqui

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Sabrina Panchikal    Sun, 16/10/2011 - 06:38

This would mean so very much to me,.. if even one word were written sincerely. I'm reminded and told many times daily,.. that my best friend,.. [frenemy now, since she's known for some time now,..] is the woman,.. whose held his heart and so much more,.. since before me. She told him so many lies about me,.. that he came to me in a fake profile,.. intentionally made me fall in love with him,.. Shark has destroyed me,.. mentally,.. verbally and physically. I've had my hair glued to my head,. and had to practically shave my head bald,.. and my hair was almost to my waist. I've been terrorized,.. trapped in a surreal bizarre world,.. where my tormentor reminds me,.. that I'm going to die,.. very soon. Recently,.. I had my scalp split open with a burning candle,.. which poured scalding,.. blue candlewax all over my face,.. open, bleeding head wound,.. and the inside of my clothes drawers, all over many garments. I'm missing about 5 thousand dollars worth of jewelry.. I could go on for days,.. but,.. you certainly understand now,. that these lyrics,.. are making fun of me,.. mocking me. All for the devil named Daisy Duke.