Sia - Freeze you out


Freeze you out

You know I've been hurt before
Yeah you know the score and I know you want more
You want me to thaw out
But you know I get ice cold, I get cold
When you don't go slow, but I know you want more
You need me to thaw out
And I know you were worth it
And I know this could work if
I could only let you in
But I'm freezing
I'm not running away
I'm not running away
I will feel the pain and stay
I'm not running again
I'm not running again
Even though I'm scared, baby
And I won't freeze you out
I'm gonna let you in
And I won't freeze you out
Like I have been
I won't freeze you out
My heart is melting
So here's my heart for you to hold
Feel it beat, feel the warm blood flow through my cold
Feel it thaw out
Yeah, I've felt the fear but I push through
It's so worth loving you, you wanted more
And so I thawed out
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