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سيدي وصالك (Sidi Wesalak) (English translation)

سيدي وصالك

سيدي وصالك .. زاد عليّه حنيني
زادني دلالك عشق وانت ناسيني
دا أنت النسايم اللي بيها العمر حالي
امتى يا سيدي تحس بيه تروف بحالي؟
آه من بعادك طال وليه راضي يا ضي عيني؟
راح فين ودادك؟ ليه عز التلاقي بينك وبيني
سيدي وصالك فين؟ قلبك لغيري والا انت شاري؟
سيدي مناها العين تحيا بقربي ليلي ونهاري
Submitted by Sara BaSara Ba on 2013-11-03
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Sir(Mister)... Connect with me/reach out to me/Reunite with me/ (I want) your connection (please)

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Sir(mister),Reunite with me .. your longing intensified
Your coquetry intensified my love and you're neglecting me
When, my sir, will you acknowledge me and sympathize with my condition?
Oh, you've been away for long and why are you willing! , you, light of my eyes?
Where did your affections go? Why the reunion chances between us decreased?
Sir, where is your/our union? Does your heart belong to someone else or do you want me?
Sir, (the eyes/my eyes/my) desire is for you to live beside me day and night
Submitted by Marym AhmedMarym Ahmed on 2022-10-05
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