Xavier Naidoo - Sie sieht mich einfach nicht (English translation)

English translation

She sees me not

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When she passes then it seems like a firework
In front of a sky it is her I see
Only a king is worth her majesty
And I am less kingly
She just sees me not
When she dances, then everything dances
Her hips and arms
Everything brightens in the light of this lady
She has the grace and the pureness the others have not
She has all that what I have not
She just sees me not
The nearer I draw her
The more clumsy I am
My body, my voice, my face
There are borders you’ll be able to move away
despite millions of soldier, but ours will be not conquered.
He has panache, is delicate, uses gestures so tender.
The simple life of this world is his way.
He’s is so much, too what he tries not to be.
But the women doesn't know these things when he talks
You can change so many things when you are prepared to fight.
But these injustice ... not.
Submitted by Guest on Mon, 20/07/2009 - 22:31
Author's comments:

Tried to translate in the poetic sense of the German lyric.
Not so literally translated as the version before.


Sie sieht mich einfach nicht

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