Siegfried Tschen - Changsha



Early May
Barbecuing Sun
Sometimes Drizzle
Crowds Glutted
At The Main Cross1
In Front Of The Super Restaurant2
By The Office's Wall (Where They Were Crouching)3
Under The Hill4
Upon The Island5
Around The Big h6
Just These Above.
So Enchanting, Not Real?
  • 1. Wuyi Square (五一广场), the very center of Changsha City.
  • 2. Super Wenheyou (超级文和友), a large theme restaurant famous for its old-fashioned and nostalgic decoration. One who comes there to eat has usually to queue so long for dining.
  • 3. Some tourists take photos crouching with heads buried in hands by the culture wall of the Pozi Street Police Station (坡子街派出所), as if they were really arrested. What's more, this is acquiesced.
  • 4. Yuelu Mountain (岳麓山). Very crowded in holiday.
  • 5. Juzizhou Island (橘子洲). Very crowded in holiday too.
  • 6. Big h refers to the building of Hunan TV, well-known for its program Happy Camp (快乐大本营). The building has a shape of the minuscule letter "h".
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