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Sığınak (English translation)

  • Artist: Tuğba Yurt
  • Song: Sığınak Album: Sığınak
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How did your soul suffer, he doesn't care
There are some things people can't control
That savage doesn't care how you are, what are you doing
Don't sulk your dreams it isn't your fault
My love was always a waste in the hearts
I walked in fires for a whole life, stay strong
Time has stopped just like that I'm heavily scarred within
Please don't knock on my door ever again
This world is a lie, my years are all smashed
Don't you hear, there is a ruckus inside me, stealing my whole life
Ever since you left
This world is a lie, my years are all smashed
Don't you see that my heart isn't a haven now it's a blunt dungeon
Ever since we ended
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