Significant other

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Significant other (English) — A person with whom someone has an established a romantic or sexual committed relationship. It includes girlfriend/boyfriends to spouses. You might say, " my significant other. When you introduce them casually.

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Significant other — общий термин для обозначения человека, который имеет важное значение для жизни индивида, например, член семьи или близкий друг.

«Значимый другой» также используется как внегендерный термин для обозначения партнера/партнерши в интимных отношениях.

В этом значении термин в англоязычных странах иногда используется в приглашениях, например на свадьбы и офисные вечеринки.

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RussianЗначимый другой

"Significant other" in lyrics

Stay awake all night
Till you're back again, oh yeah

You think I'm biased to my significant other
You hit it right on the head
Only been missing my lover

Justin Bieber - All That Matters

I need you to give me reason to breath
I need you, I'm tellin' you so now you know what I need

I be your part-time or full-time lover, significant-other
No matter which way it go, I'm oh so gutter
Girl, you can get it however you want to get it

50 Cent - Baby By Me

I hope you know you are the significant other for me
I hope I can still be the significant other for you
I hope you know I would never leave you
I hope you still love me

Mc Mane - I’ll never let go

I know it’s hard to work from home
And it ain’t easy all alone
Relationships over the phone
Talkin’ to your significant other all night long

Sometimes it’s hard to face reality

Justin Bieber - Hard 2 Face Reality

Give pigs a chance. Leave the poor cattle alone.
Let lambs live longer, they don't taste better than you.

If your significant other is kind of boring in bed
then use a little Chili so you'll never forget him.

Die Ärzte - Baby

Who knows me?

(Who am I?) TEDDY, I'm 1TYM Leader
If you give me the mike, I easily forget my significant other
I'm a big boy. When I'm there, you believe (Believe That)
If I'm not onstage, I'm probably in the studio

1TYM - You know me?

From heart sound
Usually I shy but
Together one time
Significant other day

Chocolate of bitter

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Furisodation

Tiffany and Christina, Steve and Larry
Isn't our love not the same as yours;

Do we not look at our significant other and feel love, passion?
No more sitting around and being quiet,
It's time to take action.

powerfulpoems95 - Am I Not Human?

And then you smile afterwards
In our hearts, we're no different in color
We live for each other
I'm glad you're my significant other
I love you

Hoopsin - Dream Forever

at the same time, like parallel lines

I say words used before, like "I love you" <fn> "Ti voglio bene" means to love someone in a platonic way, like you love a friend, a relative or a pet. It's used also to express deep affection for a significant other, but if you want to say that you romantically love them, you say "Ti amo" </fn>

but stress kills me, I fail to do my duty

Entics - Love gives, love takes

(Six hundred, and it's a good price),
Immediately draws out from the kitchen to clean up this quickly and goes back to her place
Discretely and without leaving any trace.
At this precise moment, he says with satisfaction to his silicone significant other, slapping her butt :
"You see I was right, Ethiopian girls, it's a good bargain,
It's not much to look at, at first sight, but it's efficient!"

La Canaille - Monsieur Madam

I can’t believe you played me
I let you meet my mother!
Oh, you hung out with my brother,
My significant other.
You know I still love you, baby
Oh, boy, you make me so mad,

Future - Neva end

are like me being able to play

"For example, we simply watch people like you,
wanting to become someone's significant other"

If we connect "You" and "I",

- Puzzle

Gaston: 'I don't speak French'

Already from the moment when I saw the girl, I noticed she's pretty
This beautiful girl, will find a significant other from me
And I want to get married quickly!

Beauty and the Beast (OST) - Belle