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Silencio (English translation)



Duermen en mi jardín
las blancas azucenas, los nardos y las rosas,
Mi alma muy triste y pesarosa
a las flores quiere ocultar su amargo dolor.
Yo no quiero que las flores sepan
los tormentos que me da la vida.
Si supieran lo que estoy sufriendo
por mis penas llorarian tambien.
Silencio, que estan durmiendo
los nardos y las azucenas.
No quiero que sepan mis penas
porque si me ven llorando moriran.
Submitted by graingrain on 2010-05-29
Last edited by FaryFary on 2017-05-31
Submitter's comments:

i heard them once, in english, and had never heard anything so beautiful. the transation programs online do nothing but butcher it. Thank you for taking the time to give it its proper due.

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Keep quiet

In my garden sleep
the white lilies, the nards and the roses.
My soul veeeery sad and sorrowful,
to the flowers wants to hide its bitter pain.
I don't want the flowers to know
the torments that life gives me.
If they knew how much I'm suffering
for my pains they would cry as well.
Keep quiet, that the nards and the lilies
are sleeping
I don't want them to know my pain
because if the see me crying, they will die.
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Submitted by roster 31roster 31 on 2013-06-11
Author's comments:

Direct translation of a short, sweet song.

Note: I would like to find the video (if there is one).

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