Zé Ricardo & Thiago - Sinal disfarçado (English translation)

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Secret sign

I stoked your hair, you said it turned you on
I spoke softly in your ears : "I'm gonna kiss you on the mouth"
You winked at me and said "I'm with someone here"
And this guy you were with just stood looking,
Not knowing what was going on
He had only to turn away and you looked at me straight off
So we could make up
A secret sign in a very naughty manner,
Watching me so delightfully
Go to the lady's room so we can meet and kiss
Right at that dark secret corner so no one suspects anything
You've got this innocent face, but you can't fool me at all
Today I'm gonna get you, you won't escape it
If I (ever) get you uhh
If I (ever) kiss you uhh
If I (ever) get you uhhh
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Sinal disfarçado

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