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Sing All Overtures

立ち止まる朝 ふと目を閉じて思い出すの
いつもと変わらぬあの日の 大切な人の笑顔を
どれだけ遠くに来たって どれだけ小さくなっても聞こえる
Singin’ all overtures それでも心の中始まりを歌おうよ
雲の中隠れた空に いつかきっと また会える日を信じて
大丈夫だよきっと 元気出して行こうよ
そう、絶対です 一人じゃないよ
いつだって周りには 顔を上げてみてよほら
私たちがついてるよ (ついてますよ)
そう、忘れかけていた 当たり前のこと
絶望の中 一人だと思っても
きっとこんな風に 仲間がいたんだ
Singin’ for all my friends どんな時も誰かがその手を差し伸べてた
作られたこの世界でも かけがえない出会いだけが生きてる
かわせよ 叩けよ 見極めろその刹那
そうこの胸刻んだ 誓いと決意を背に
その手に剣を取れ 今戦う意志を
Ah 夢見た明日へ続く扉が開こうとしてるから
僕たちはまた手を取って 羽ばたいてく 雲の向こうへ
Singin’ all overtures ここで今もう一度始まりを歌おうよ
鳴り止まない鼓動がほら いつかきっと新しい旅へ続く
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Sing All Overtures

Do you remember closing your eyes on the halting morning,
The smile of a precious person, on that never changing day
The chimes that announced the beginning, are now again resounding
No matter how far they came from, or how low the volume is, I can hear them
My voice of sadness and anger
Have summoned the clouds and have made tears fall
Where should I go
While darkness keeps falling on my unknown destination, I started treading this world
Singin' all overtures, but still let's sing of the beginning in the midst of the heart
Surely in time, I believe that there will come a day when we could meet again, in the sky hidden by clouds
Everything will surely be okay,
Let's go while keeping our strength up
Yeah, absolutely, you're not alone
Hey, whenever we're with you, try raising your head up,
No matter how painful,
We'll accompany you (we will accompany you)
Yeah, I almost forgot the obvious
By thinking that you're alone while in despair
Surely, you hurt your friends this way.
Now, let's hold hands
With you,
And everyone
Then, let's start walking from now on
Even further
There's nothing to
Be scared of anymore
Let's pierce through the clouds of anxiety
Let's chase the stars of hope
The darkness makes way for tomorrow
Singin' for all my friends, at any time, someone extends their hand
We were formed by this world, but live on solely for our irreplaceable meeting
The resounding voice of a demon
A beast that stands and blocks my way bared its fangs now.
Let's evade it, let's fight, let's see ourselves through that moment
Yeah, bear the decision of
The vows carved out in your heart
Wield that sword in hand,
And bring out your fighting spirit
Ah, since we're trying to open the gates that
Lead to the tomorrow we dreamed of
We take each other's hands again,
And fly beyond the clouds
Singin' all overtures, I sing of the beginning here once more
Our heartbeats that don't cease to pound,
Look, they'll one day continue towards a new journey
Surely one day, they'll continue towards a new journey
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