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Sinisinta Kita (English translation)

  • Artist: Asin (ASIN, Lolita Carbon, Mike Pillora Junior, Cesar Bañares Junior (deceased), Pendong Aban Junior)
  • Song: Sinisinta Kita

Sinisinta Kita

Kung ang sinta'y ulila-in
Sino pa kaya'ng tatawagin?
Kung hindi si Pepe
kong giliw
na kay layo sa piling?
Malayo man, malapit din,
pilit ko ring mararating,
'wag lamang masabi mong
'di kita ginigiliw...
Sinisinta kita!
'Di ka kumikibo!
Akala mo yata
ako'y nagbibiro!
Saksi ko ang langit,
sampu ng kanduro!
Kung 'di kita mahal,
puputok ang puso!
Sinisinta kita! 'Di ka kumikibo!
Sinisinta kita! 'Di ka kumikibo!
Sinisinta kita!
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I Adore you

If someone dear is alone
Who will they call?
If not Pepe (Peter)
who is my beloved
Who is far from my arms
No matter how far, it is near
I will reach no matter
So you can't say
that I don't you adore you
I love you!
You don't seem to care
You probably think
I'm joking
Heaven is my witness
even ten birds
If I don't love you
My heart would explode
I love you! You don't seem to care
I love you! You don't seem to care
I love you!
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Author's comments:

sinta, giliw are synonym to beloved, dear etc.

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